Drama, Shock and Digusting After Man Who Conned Kiambu Businesswoman Starts to Decay While Alive as New Details Emerge

Dennis Muoki, a notorious conman from Kampala, Uganda, who recently duped a woman from KiAMBU, Kenya, out of a significant sum of money, found himself at the center of a truly unexpected narrative.
After reportedly swindling the woman in a fake gold deal worth KSh810 million, Muoki began to mysteriously decay, a condition that left medical experts baffled. However, in a twist that could only be described as miraculous, Muoki's health was restored following a spell performed by Mugwenu doctors, at the behest of the very woman he had conned.
The saga began when Muoki, posing as a legitimate businessman, lured the unsuspecting woman into what appeared to be a lucrative gold deal. However, it soon became apparent that Muoki was a.......CONTINUE READING
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