Drama in Nyayo Estates as Mother and Her Daughter Caught Shamelessly Fighting Over a Boyfriend, Kenyans Left Talking

A 36 year old woman and her teenage daughter delivered drama in Nyayo Estates, Nairobi after finding out that they were both dating the same guy. The weekend incident happened at their house, a one bedroom apartment facing the highway. According to a source close to the mother, Regina has been secretly dating Mike Jokopai, unaware that her daughter too had met him at a friend's birthday party and started a cozy relationship. Regina strictly met Mike at guesthouses, while her daughter Maria openly posted him on her Social media feeds.

On the fateful Friday, Maria had invited Mike over to introduce him to her family. Things started to turn awkward when both of them called Mike "Babe" at the gate. Mother and daughter turned on each other, grabbed each other by the throat and fought for more than 30 minutes. Sensing danger, Mike just...CONTINUE READING

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