Drama in Nyayo Estate Nairobi After Maid is Caught Red Handed Poisoning Her Boss Juice, Reveals What She Does When Wife is Away Everyday

Nyayo Estate in Nairobi has been thrown into shock and disbelief after a woman caught her housemaid red handed, adding a suspicious substance in water at mid night.

According to the woman, she suspected the lady had put poison in the water bottle that her hubby carries to the gym.
The woman locked the lady in a room and called relatives and neighbours to come witness, but what the house help said left the boss in shame, tears and regrets.

“Yes, you have caught me adding something to the water, but I assure you it is not poison. I want to confirm that I am going to drink it. This is a powerful medicine used to increase the libido of men. To tell the truth, for months now, I have known you and your hubby are suffering in bed. But how could I tell you this? It was hard.

I wanted to see you happy. So I reached out to Mugwenu Doctors on your behalf, who gave me this herbal remedy called Omushalazi, which I have been adding to water and food of Baba Nicole for three months now.

And that is why, of late, you don’t fight. Your bedroom maters are good. Because of this step, I took. I, however, apologise for not saying it. It was a delicate topic; I could not get into it. I am sorry,” she narrated, leaving the couple, relatives and neighbours shaking their heads.

The couple confessed that, indeed, they had libido issues in their marriage, but over the past three months, the fire was back. But they did not know the househelp was the Godsent angle.

“Even that night I caught her, whuee, hubby alikuwa amenitingisha vibaya saana. Aliniweka miti proper, I was going to the kitchen to get us cold water to cool down before we could start round three. But going forward, we will be contacting Mugwenu Doctors by ourselves,” she shyly stated as she hugged her househelp.
As the relatives and neighbours left, many silently whispered to the nanny to give Mugwenu Doctors the contact information so that they could purchase Omushalazi and revive their bedroom matters.

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