Drama as plumber removes 50 used condoms blocking home toilet, but hubby says he doesn’t use condoms

A Kisumu man has narrated that he almost divorced his wife after a plumber removed 50 used condoms that were blocking the toilet in their house.

According to the man who shared this story on social media, he was surprised since he is not always at home and never uses condoms with his wife.

"I was told the toilet suddenly stopped flashing, and I was surprised because it's a new house. We had just built it; how could it block? " he said.

The man said he owns a motorcycle spare part shop in Kisumu CBD and he would spend most of the time in the shop.

Little did he know that his wife of five years and the mother of his two children was having good times in his house with another man.

"I called my plumber to check out the problem; I was so shocked when he called to tell me what the problem was: fifty used condoms that had blocked the system.

The house was still new and I never used condoms on my wife, that was a shocker. My wife said she was equally surprised," he went on.

The man said he decided to carry out his investigations and was told by a neighbour that a strange man frequented his house to see his wife. 

The two would spend over three hours in the house and he could use the backgate to leave.

After unsuccessfully trying to ambush the duo, the aggrieved husband sought the services of native healers Mugwenu Doctors of +254740637248.

Days later, he received calls from neighbours informing him that his wife and the stranger were stuck while having sex and were wailing in pain from the house, attracting the attention of neighbours.

He swiftly set off to his home, and it took him 30 minutes to arrive.

"I shouldn’t have trusted you in the first place; even after giving you everything you wanted, you have the courage to bring another man into my house?” the businessman fumed as he descended on them.

After a four-hour-long deliberation, the two love birds were seen being separated from agony by Mugwenu Doctors.

The two have since given their marriage another chance after being counselled by the herbalists.

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