[VIDEO] Dangerous Scene Along Thika Road After a Driver Jumps Out of a Moving Lorry on Attack By a Swarm of Bees

Kenyans travelling on Thika road have been left mouth open after a driver of a lorry has jumped from a moving lorry seeking help in attack by bees.

Those present during the scene and gave taken videos have informed that "We were just chilling in wait of a mat only to see a lorry stuck at the middle of the busy road and later the driver jumping out crying for help."

"On what we first thought was fire, we feared but afterward we rushed to his rescue only to see a swarm of bees inside the lorry and around the drivers face who was screaming saying, 'Mugwenu nisamehe'."


It has been established that the Driver was not the real owner after his confession informing that,

"I am sorry, I stole this lorry from Rashid Abubakari in Mombasa. I received a call from Dr Mugwenu via his number 0740637248 and I denied that I was the one with the lorry. Rashid also called me and I denied, but have come to regret. Forgive me Rashid. Take this lorry to Rashid in Mombasa," the driver who was suffering painful stings from bees has said.

Trying to help, a section of Thika residents have negotiated with Dr Mugwenu who has agreed to rescue the driver but under one condition,

"Until the owner Rashid arrives and confirms his lorry is in good condition is when I will help," Mugwenu was heard saying in the phone.

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