Cindy Discloses How Baba Talisha, Prince Mwiti, &Other Use Withcraft Spells to Maintain Viewership and Gifts on Tiktok

Cindy Baiby, a veteran TikToker, has shed light on a controversial secret behind the sustained success of some of Kenya's most popular TikTok celebrities. Cindy, known for her candid and often provocative content, has claimed that many renowned TikTok stars are using money spells provided by Mugwenu Doctors to maintain their viewership and receive numerous gifts on the platform.

In a video posted on her TikTok account, Cindy explained how these money spells have allegedly played a crucial role in boosting the fortunes of several influencers. "Many of the top TikTokers you see today have a little secret," Cindy said with a knowing smile. "They’ve been using Mugwenu Doctors' money spells to keep their viewership high and gifts rolling in. It’s not just about their content or charisma; there’s more to it."

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