Catholic Priest Falls Trap of a Beautiful Kamba Lady During Confession, This is What Happened Next

How would you react if you found out that your priest was in love with someone who came to him for confession? This is the story of a Kamba woman who swept her priest off his feet with love and explains how she managed to marry him.

Makueni – Cynthia Nthenya had given up on love after a series of failed relationships that left her with two children. He loved being single and devoted to prayer. But fate had other plans for him. She met the man of her dreams in the most unlikely of places: the confessional room.

He kept asking for his forgiveness, but he found something more: a relationship with a priest who listened. Their conversation slowly changed from spiritual to emotional to romantic. Nthenya felt love, but she was afraid to admit it. She felt guilty for having feelings for a man who had sworn off celibacy.

But he wasn’t alone. The priest also felt a strong admiration for her. He was struggling with commitments for a long time. He wanted a wife and a family. She wanted to feel loved. The preacher decided to take a bold step and express his feelings.

“I called him to my office once, and I didn't even know how he was. But when I saw her, I was blown away by her beauty. I told him how I felt and kissed him. The first time I kissed a woman. At that moment I knew he was the one for me,” the former pastor then said.

He chose to leave the priesthood and marry her, despite opposition from her parents and some parishioners. He started his own church, a more progressive and inclusive form of Catholicism, which is now flourishing.

How do women charms to attract men work?

Nthenya was surprised by the priest's words, but he accepted them. He believed it was God’s will for them to be together. She also credits Mugwenu Doctors, a herbalist who gave her charms to attract men, for helping her find her soul mate.

“I am so grateful that the charms brought me this wonderful man of God who had been denied the right to be with his rib by church rules,” said Nthenya, who quoted 1 Corinthians 7:9: But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.

The couple is now expecting their first child together. Their union is a testament to the power of love that transcends all boundaries and conventions. It is also proof of the many lonely hearts Mugwenu Doctors have helped to find their perfect matches across East Africa.

What is power to command?

Just recently, a Kitale man was the talk of town after a Mzungu woman married him, and even sold part of her father’s property to take care of the Luhya man’s kids and family.

This was courtesy of a powerful spell that gave the caster power to command.

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Love spells

These are a type of magic that aim to influence the feelings and actions of a person towards another person to attract, enhance, or restore a romantic relationship. 

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These assist you in pushing your partner into doing what you want. They prevent infidelity and increase loyalty.

Spells to treat madness

Mugwenu Doctors provide this form of healing magic that aim to cure mental disorders.

What are Business cleansing spells?

These are a type of prosperity magic. They remove obstacles or bad luck from a business or workplace. They attract customers and increase sales, profits and teamwork.

Spells to see enemies in dreams

This is a type of divination magic that reveals one’s enemies. They provide insight and expose secrets or resolve conflicts.

A good example of this is the spell a Nairobi businesswoman used to expose a

Uji Power seller who was putting viagra in the porridge to attract customers.

The rogue businesswoman was exposed after the fellow trader had dreams of a fellow businessperson putting blue pellets in porridge. Her face was made clear to her and she reported her to the authorities. The authorities conducted an investigation, and the uji power seller was arrested.

The hotel owner who had dreams about the pills acquired the spell from Mugwenu Doctors following several cases of food poisoning at her business that she needed to prevent.

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Are there spells for barrenness?

These are also known as fertility magic. They aim to overcome the inability to conceive or bear children. Barrenness can be a result of medical complications, black magic or evil eye, all of which Mugwenu Doctors have dealt with for over 25 years.

They are often used to fulfil one’s desire to have offspring or increase chances of carrying a pregnancy to term without complications and ensuring safe delivery.

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