Catholic Priest Attempts To Commit Suicide After Sending Ksh 45000 to His Lover And Later Failing to Show Up

'Nmekuliwa fare' is now cliché here in Kenya. Fabian Oluoch a Catholic Priest like other men out here has became a victim. As he narrated, he met with a lady going by the name Aisha through Facebook.

Their friendship grew to a romantic kind of affair. Aisha resided in Mombasa while Fabian in Nairobi. He said he would send his soulmate money every now and then but the two had never met.

They organized for a date which was to happen at Fabian's place in Nairobi, which meant his lover was to travel all the way from Mombasa to the capital. As every man would do, Fabian sent her sweetie clean ksh 45....CONTINUE READING

"Nlijaribu mara kama kumi kupiga simu yake lakini alikuwa ameniblock. Ata mesage hakuwa anareply. Hapo kila dalili ilionyesha kwamba nlikuwa nmechorewa mambo mengine," he said, adding that....CONTINUE READING