Burundi Man Run Out of His Country to Seek Rescue In Kenya After What Has Happened as Fresh Details Emerge

"Greetings from Burundi! I am Kibagendi, and I was once tormented by an evil spirit that haunted my every step. My search for a solution led me across borders, and I discovered the eminent Dr. Mugwenu, whose fame resonated even in distant lands. His mastery over mystical arts was the answer to my prayers. With his divine intervention, the malevolent forces were banished, and my life was filled with newfound peace. Dr. Mugwenu, your ability to vanquish darkness is awe-inspiring. Thank you for restoring light to my life,” Mr. Kibagendi says.

He says for so many years he had been stuck in life due to evil powers he associated with his family background, keeping in mind her dad and uncles believed in dark forces....CONTINUE READING