Arranged Marriage Hits Stumbling Block In Lamu As Bride Admits to Be In Love With a Fisherman and Expecting His Child

Even in 2023, and farther beyond that, parents still want to choose for their kids. The belief is, they always want the best for us. Do they?? Even in these modern times, choosing a spouse is considered a difficult task, almost as difficult as finding the cube root of 3.

Husna Abdul wanted to choose. Her mother strictly told her that her father had already chosen a husband for her, a cousin whose father had money, status and the looks. From the time she turned 9, the same message was drilled into her ears " usijisumbue kutafuta mume, wako anajulikana. Wewe baleghe, ukue halafu uolewe. Epuka michepuko. Lazima akupate ukiwa bikira"....CONTINUE READING

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