Aibu Tupu! Headteacher Caught Having a Good Time With a Married Teacher by her Wife in Bungoma in a Popular Hotel

It was the ultimate blow for Shirleen Mutindi after her husband Caleb Letegut fell for her trap. She had heard rumors of him meeting in secret, often in lodgings with one of the female teachers who was employed by parents in the school. So, out of spite, she needed to confirm the affair before she moves along. Caleb left home early that Saturday morning, claiming he had a lot to accomplish before the school closed for a short holiday.

But in hindsight, he wanted more time with Christina, the Parent employed teacher. Little did he know that her wife Mrs. Shirleen had already visited Mugwenu Doctors to have him "locked" and any attempt to sleep with anyone else will result in them getting stuck during s£x. That was exactly what happened. Unfortunately, Christina freaked out as soon as she realized she couldn't separate herself. She started to scream in terror, alerting the other teachers present and a handful of curious students.

It didn't take long for a considerable crowd to gather outside his office and...CONTINUE READING

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