A Nairobi divocee shares how her ex-husband was one step from ending her life before doing this

A woman identified as Dolphins from Dornhom, Nairobi shared an emotional story of how she had been living in an abusive marriage. For the last six years, she had been enduring abuse from her husband, causing her sleepless nights. She felt trapped as her husband was her everything, with her parents having passed away long ago, and her marriage being her only means of survival.

"He would come home late at night and beat me up like a young child. Many times, I had to pretend as if nothing was happening. I would put on a fa├žade in front of my friends and neighbors, but deep down, I knew I was going through hell," she said.

She came close to death when her husband once poisoned her. That night, her husband came home from work and insisted on preparing supper. With no other choice, she let him do so. After taking two bites of the meal, she collapsed, only to wake up in the hospital the next morning.... Continue Reading