Screams Rent Air in Kilifi as Man and his Mpango wa Kando Are Rushed to Gospital after Getting Stuck while having illicit Sweetness

I worked in a hotel which had many rooms where couples would come to have their sexual escapades in the room. However, last Friday, a huge drama occurred in the hotel after one of our clients who was having sex with his mpango wa kando both got stuck in their genitals. Sometimes people tell these stories and you think it is a fairy tell but that day, after the couple started screaming due to the pain they were feeling, I walked into the room and saw them stuck.

I called the hotel manager to come to figure out how he could help them. We tried separating them from each other but the more we tried, the more the man and his mpango wa kando felt so much pain that we had to rush them to the hospital. Upon arrival......CONTINUE READING

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