6 Robbers and Taxi Driver Reported Dead in Eastleigh After Stealing Ksh 28Million Under Unclear Circumstances, Man Behind Their Killings Named

A day after 3 suspected robbers were reported dead under unclear circumstances in Eastleigh on stealing Ksh 39 Million from one of the Business Moguls in the area,

On Friday morning another 6 suspected robbers and a Taxi driver who helped them find their escape route after stealing Ksh 28 Million from a popular Business Man going by name Abdirizakah has been found dead as new details emerge.

In what has left the residents of Eastleigh wondering who is this powerful man who is killing even the Taxi driver wgo helped the 6 find their escape route.

The victim, Abdi has come out clean informing that , although he has gotten back the money not in full, 26Million recovered. It should serve as a caution to others who are saliviting other peoples properties,

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Mr Abdi has said that "Dr Mugwenu has come to save the businesses in Eastleigh and that whoever thinks of spoling their peace in business, he is out to deal with them, urging business owners to contact him 0740637248 and get helped."

DR Mugwenu does not miss where he targets and that he is determined in ensuring people live in a free and happy society free from thurgery.


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