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“Am Literally The Only One Suffering In My Family. Everyone Else Is Living a Good Life, Except Me, Moving From One Mud House To The Other, Unsure Of What Lies Ahead” Machakos Man Painfully Narrates


“Am Literally The Only One Suffering In My Family. Everyone Else Is Living a Good Life, Except Me, Moving From One Mud House To The Other, Unsure Of What Lies Ahead” Machakos Man Painfully Narrates

This actually happens a lot. Many of us have been in this situation. Some of us are already going through it, managing but secretly wishing it wasn’t us. Being the black sheep hurts like hell. You look around, and the universe seems determined to show you the middle finger, keeping you afloat, not dying but alive enough to watch your siblings succeed. Every single one of them is doing better than you, including the last born, the one you used to teach homework to.

Ezekiel Muasya is one such man. At 33, married and struggling to feed his family, all he has had to put up with is mental torture, emanating from being the only one yet to beat poverty the final blow. Ezekiel has cried, more than once, because of coming home empty-handed, with his two little girls and boy looking at him with questioning eyes, wondering why their mother is going to borrow a packet of Maize flour for the fifth time this week.

As a man, Ezekiel says, you are expected to provide, period!! No excuse is ever enough to mask your individual failure. Anything short of that will raise eyebrows. If it persists, your own wife will raise her voice, raise her hand, raise the bar for earning conjugal rights and eventually raise the children far from you.
“I avoid talking to my other siblings, because while they talk of trips to Mombasa and Naivasha, I talk about buying new slippers, moving to a better mud house or how and why the war in Ukraine is making things worse. I can’t talk of my achievements, because there is nothing I have achieved for the past nineteen years” Ezekiel says.

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Ezekiel adds that being the first born has added extra pressure. At family gatherings, Ezekiel recounts, his wife is made to do the hard stuff, while the others are told to relax and gossip some more. He is ashamed, especially when his kids speak broken English when the others, who go to private school, use extensive vocabulary.

Ezekiel occasionally felt cursed, saying that with all that was happening with the rest of the family, he found it unusual that he should be the only one to endure Poverty. He was actually right. All that was ailing him was revealed when he made a trip to Vihiga, upon the recommendation by a cousin, to visit Dr. Mugwenu. The herbalist quickly found out about the cause of his problems and expertly gave him a lasting solution. Ezekiel had an evil hex on him, a curse thrown at him when he was 20 years of age. In Dr. Mugwenu’s own words, the curse was to prevent him from doing anything useful on this earth, and die poor, sick and tired.

There was reprieve as Dr. Mugwenu successfully lifted the curse and performed his powerful Money and Success spells. That was the beginning of his rise, as shortly after, Ezekiel was hired by an NGO working in Machakos. With more than 100k in salary, he moved from his mud house, transferred his kids to a better school and made up to his wife by going to Zanzibar for vacation. Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, the future is extremely bright.


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